canine encounters by jim osorio

Facts and Their Statistics

Contributing Factors In A Dog Bite

   Irresponsible and Uneducated Owners

   Inadequately Trained Officers

   Inappropriate Actions by an Officer

   Problems from Dog Incidents

   Problems that have Occurred in the US

   Problems from Officers

   Why do Dogs Bite

   How Common are Shooting Incidents

Types of Aggressions in Dogs

   10 Levels of Aggressions in Dogs

Dog Body Language

   7 Types of Body Language

   12 Facial Expressions

Encountering Dogs on the Job

   Types of Responses by Officers

   Assessing the Risk to Yourself or Others

   Assessing the Scene

   Unconventional Access

   Alerting a Dog to Your Presence

   When Encountering and Unfamiliar Dog

   How to Talk with a Dog

   How to Approach Dogs Inside Vehicles

I Have been providing this training since 2005 and have trained thousands of officers Nationwide. My training has been POST approved in several States and also by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, TCOLE Canine Encounters Course #62040 and TCOLECanine Encounters | Train-The-Trainer Course #62042.

Law enforcement and their encounters with dogs and other animals are generating more and more media attention and the use of force against animals is being questioned. Proper training will both prepare officers for these encounters and reduce criticism when force has to be used.

My training provides officers with a better perceptive on their canine encounters. I teach officers how to recognize canine aggressions and interpret body language. Officers will learn how to use less-lethal techniques in controlling there canine encounters, whether friendly or aggressive.

Listed below is the course curriculum for my training, if you wish to host my training at your facility for your officers please contact me at

About My training

Report Writing

   Identification of Dogs

   Benefits of Report Writing

Tools of the Trade

   Criteria of Tools and Techniques


   Restraint Requirements

   Chemical Agent Use (OC Spray)

   Impact Weapons

   ECD's and Their Uses

   Chemical Capture and Their Uses

Use of Force Continuum

   Five Levels of Use of Force

   Considerations in Policies

   Sample Statements

Self-Defense Against Dogs

   Train as Realistic as Possible

   More Tips of Realistic Training

   Fatal Tendencies

   Hand tp Paw Combat (c)

   Defensive Stances

   Target Areas

   Vital Points


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